Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[day 20 ... january 20]

"We are the change we've been looking for." I hope that change has finally begun in earnest! Actually, for the past few weeks, it has already felt like Obama was assuming the presidential mantle, as W faded away into a corner. But it's glorious to see our man of the hour finally take his rightful place!

I kept Niall and Cory home from school for a bit this morning so we could watch the swearing-in ceremony together. I didn't want to miss seeing this historic event live, and if we'd followed our usual schedule, I would be driving from school to work just as Obama was taking the oath of office.

The boys were mildly interested. Cory wanted to know why there was a color guard and why there were men with guns lining the hallway where people walked on their way to the podium area. And then why were they firing canons after Obama was sworn in? Niall wanted to know who the various dignitaries were and what would happen if Obama wasn't sworn in by exactly noon ("We won't have a president for a few minutes, Mom!"). They both are eager to go to D.C. and see the Washington Memorial and the Capitol and the White House for themselves. Cory: "Can we fly there tomorrow?" Niall: "Can we go into the White House? Will Obama be there?" I do plan to take them there, but...not tomorrow. :-)

I can truly hardly believe this day is finally here. At each step of the journey, I really couldn't believe that Obama had really done it: when he won Iowa, persevered through Super Tuesday, steadily won the votes he needed to gain the nomination, and then carried the day on Election Night. I guess I just didn't have that kind of confidence in the American people, especially after Bush was re-elected in 2004.

But - he actually made it. He's our president now. An amazing feat for a truly remarkable man.

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  1. I kept Max home too and we all watched it. At one point, Obama mentioned "our failing schools" or some such, and Max came over real close and said "but my school's a good school, right mom?". You bet, sweetie! Funny the things that strike them. He was wondering about the booms too.