Sunday, January 25, 2009

[day 25 ... january 25]

The younger boys have lots of birthday parties these days, and usually they're held at a "jumpy" place, bowling, or another venue. Today we went to Owen (a classmate of Cory's) and Asher's party at Jump Planet, a great place for jumping just over in Bothell (10-15 minutes from home).

We've had a number of class events with Cory's class, and it's been fun getting to know the parents as well as the kids. One of Cory's classmates, Allison, has a brother, Colin, in Niall's class so that's another nice connection. Unfortunately, Allison and her family weren't able to come to the party today but it was great to see so many other families there.

It's hard to take photos indoors without a flash in a relatively dark environment with kids running around at top speed, inbetween big inflated bumpers and down slides - but I gave it a shot, anyway. Lots of blurry pictures! But some did turn out. Other parenst took pictures too (with a flash) so I'm hoping some of those worked out too.

I talked with a few other parents about the class Facebook account for Melissa's class, as a place we could share photos and class gathering ideas, and everyone was excited about the prospect. So I sent off invitations this afternoon, and hopefully a number of families will join in.

As a sidebar: it's *snowing* again today. The forecast said "Flurries, mostly south of Seattle." But here we are with a couple of inches on the ground and it's been coming down slowly but steadily all day.

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