Saturday, October 3, 2009

[day 277... oct 4]

Finally a family bike ride! And at beautiful Marymoor Park, with lots of easy, safe bike trails so I didn't have to be *too* stressed about "Stay on the right!" with the little guys.

It was a lovely afternoon to be out riding. We started at the big climber, rode past the velodrome and climbing pinnacle, and all the way to the east gate. On the way, we passed a radio airplane flying field - who knew Marymoor had one of those? All these years that I've gone there for events, camps, fairs, and just to play, and I had no idea. We had to stop on the way back (on the left just past the bridge in this picture) and watch them for awhile. The planes are huge: 3 feet long, maybe, though they look a lot smaller up in the sky zipping around. Very cool.

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