Sunday, September 27, 2009

[day 271... sep 28]

Breadtabs! Kathi's class started collecting breadtabs years ago, in response to the children wondering how many "a million" really was if you had that many items in front of you. This project shows just how long it takes to collect a MILLION of something. The tabs are collected and counted, then placed in bags of hundreds, then gathered into thousands. I believe there are four or five bags of TEN thousands by now - ? Perhaps more than that. But still a long, long way to go to get to a million.

Joyce's class took up the challenge several years back, so Niall and his friends have counted breadtabs for several years. And now that Joyce is Cory's teacher, Cory and his classmates are following the tradition.

I started saving and bringing breadtabs to school whenever I first heard about the project, sometime early in Kellen's career at Little School. I do it automatically now, whether my child is in the class that is counting the breadtabs or not. Someday we will get to a million!

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