Saturday, October 3, 2009

[day 276... oct 3]

After spending a small fortune on firewood during our Oregon camping trip (well spent, as we so enjoyed having campfires every night, roast marshmallows, basking in the warm glow - no regrets at all), we have taken a fresh look at the big pile of tree limbs in front next to the driveway. Before, our (my) goal was to cut up the branches enough to haul them into the backyard to add to the burn pile (which we never actually burn - not sure we're allowed to in Woodinville - but we still pile stuff there).

But now we are inspired to cut firewood from the branches so we can take it with us on our next camping trip and have big, long-lasting campfires for free!

To that end, Tynor has been attacking the pile for a few hours on the weekends, sawing off campfire-sized pieces and making a nice wood pile near the shed. Cory and Niall are totally enamored of the idea of sawing, of course, and today Tynor took time to help each of them try it out. It was a lot harder than it looked! Niall eventually sawed off two pieces, with some coaching about slow, short strokes, not pushing down, and all that fun stuff you have to keep in mind so the saw doesn't bend and bind.

Much to my surprise (and pleasure), after Niall finished sawing, Tynor suggested that they all go for a bike ride together. The younger boys were so excited to be invited! Cory kept saying, "I'm going to come too! I'm coming for the bike ride!" Joining the big boys - it doesn't get any better than that. :-) I was touched that Tynor reached out to them like that. It's just not easy being a big brother a lot of the time, and actually choosing to spend more time with chatting, squabbling, busy little people is a real stretch for him. I hope he knows how much it meant to Cory and Niall. Sounds like a small gesture, but I know what it takes for him to do that.

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