Saturday, October 3, 2009

[day 273... sep 30]

Last week was Woods Parent Meeting, this week it's Meadows' turn. It made for a busy day, because we had Carissa time (Niall's OT) in Shoreline after school, then drove all the way back to Bellevue for the meeting. We got sandwiches at the Subway for dinner, and just as we were leaving, Cory's friend Theo and his family arrived. It was still a half hour or so before the meeting, so we stayed and visited with Theo's family while they ate their sandwiches, then headed over together.

It was great to learn about Cory's class and the various projects and routines. With Joyce as a teacher, they always have a huge variety of things going on - a characteristic I remember well from both Kellen's and Niall's tenure with Joyce! She works very hard to keep fresh, interesting material in the classroom and to integrate the children's emerging interests in a rich, educational mix that not only covers academic areas but develops their social skills and tends to their emotional needs as well. No wonder she's in the classroom every evening until at least the time I walk by on my way to picking up my kids from Extended Day.

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