Sunday, September 27, 2009

[day 270... sep 27]

Keeping up with my new weekend plan for going on adventures on Sundays, we headed down to Snoqualmie Falls today. It was a beautiful day, perfect for an outdoor outing. I've never been to the Falls before (amazing but true) so it was a treat to finally see them, even at this time of year when they're relatively calm.

Unfortunately, the trail from the viewpoint near the top of the Falls down to the river at the bottom of the Falls is closed because they're working on the hydroelectric plant (which I didn't even know they had at Snoqualmie Falls - the turbines are all underground). So we drove around and eventually found the parking lot for the lower viewing area and river access. (They apparently don't want people to find the park because there are no signs or other guidance after a single sign off the main highway.)

We all walked over the boardwalk (which goes back around the building you see in this photo) to the viewpoint that looks "up" to the Falls, then walked back and climbed down the rocks to the water. Tynor decided to stay put and read.

There were lots of big river rocks exposed, with the river so low right now. Niall and Cory loved climbing around them. We watched a small kayaking group head out down the river too - very colorful, looked like a lot of fun. We can't wait to go back!

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