Saturday, October 3, 2009

[day 274... oct 1]

I love the Meadows Building cubbies at Little School. They're just big enough for little people to squeeze into, to wait for Ellen to come get them for movement time or to put on a pair of shoes. They have a spot at the top for a lunchbox or library book and a spot on the bottom for some spare clothes and a little blankey and pillow for quiet time. And it's fun to look down a row of them and see all the different faces looking back, and the assorted jackets, backpacks, projects, and papers in various states of organization and disarray. Kind of like life, you know?

The sweet photo of Cory posted in his cubby (and the pictures in the other cubbies)was taken by his wonderful lunch teacher, Colleen, who is a fabulous photographer. She takes the children's school pictures in the Fall, all outdoors shots of the kids in various places around campus, and it's like getting studio portraits but natural and relaxed. And she is warm and loving with the children. How lucky are we to have her right in our own classroom this year!

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