Saturday, February 7, 2009

[day 38 ... february 7]

Whirlwind of a Saturday around here. I took Niall to the last round of school district testing at 9, then back home only to turn around and drive Kellen down to the bus. Swung by Barnes & Noble to pick up some Beast Quest books for Niall to take to the birthday party later in the day. Home for lunch and feeding kids, then off again to take Niall to Vertical World for the party - an indoor climbing wall place. It's the first time Niall has done any climbing and he thought it was pretty fun. He's eager to go back.

My friend (and mother of classmates in both Cory's and Niall's classes) Jennifer offered to bring Niall home after the party. Sweet! So I headed home after getting Niall settled in. After another round of nebulizing for Cory, I decided he really needed to be seen by a doctor today. Got a 4:30 appointment, and headed down to Bellevue with Mr. C shortly after Niall got home from the party. (Tynor was home all day, thankfully, so I didn't have to haul both kids everywhere but could leave one at home with him.)

The doctor said Cory's cough was wheezy: she described him as a "Happy Wheezer" - not presenting as terribly sick but definitely not well in his lungs/breathing. So she prescribed a steroid for that, but said we could wait and see on his red (but not infected, she thought) ear and his infected (but not horribly) rashy bumps. Headed back north and hit Rite Aid to drop off the prescriptions. Dashed into Albertson's to pick up a few things while the prescriptions were being filled, then back to get them and home again in time to confront the daily "What's for dinner?" puzzle. Decided on tuna melts/sandwiches, rustled up the food and got everyone fed. Got Cory nebulized again, and then embarked on all the bedtime routines.

Whew. Just a day in the life, right? But a lot more time on the road in this one than is typical. For a weekend, anyway.

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