Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[day 34 ... february 3]

Today I had the great honor and privilege of getting four new tires for the van. Ouch! Not a cheap proposition. But the two new "off brand" tires I got from Les Schwab a few years back have never worked well. They don't grip the road, they slip on the slightest bit of gravel or ice, the ride is terrible - on and on.

And then I was told that when one of the rear tires' flats had been repaired, they'd used a method that left the tire "weak" so the Costco guy said I really should replace it as well. "Certainly before any long trips" - like, say, the camping trips we take in the summer, you think?

Since you can't replace just three tires, I had to spring for a set of four. But they're great tires. I never realized what a difference good tires make when you're driving! (Yes, honestly. :-) And I will feel much safer now driving in the ice and snow on the hills around home, so that's good too. Hopefully I'll soon forget the dent they made in my pocketbook.

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