Saturday, February 7, 2009

[day 37 ... february 6]

See the lady in the fabulous red hat? She's our fabulous librarian at The Little School, Nancy Palmer. She's usually found in the library, of course, but here she's joining in a Friday Meadows singalong, helping keep kids settled in Kathi's class since Kathi is up front playing the guitar.

Nancy and the library at TLS are among the school's best treasures and all of the kids (including mine, of course!) love her dearly. Parents too! A favorite line at school (and at home, for that matter is): "I don't know, I'll go ask Nancy." Because Nancy will *always* find a resource or a book to answer even the most esoteric questions. And delights in doing so - that's the best part.

Niall is especially enamored of the library right now, and often spends much of his Extended Day time next door at the library browsing and reading books, or discussing important topics with Nancy. He enjoys looking up his name in the library catalog and seeing how many books he has "published" and added to the library - 18 at last count, I think.

Nancy catalogs and adds to the library any book that a student authors, from the youngest class to the oldest. Some years, and in some classrooms, creating and delivering books to Nancy for addition to the school's book collection is an absorbing and very productive activity. Usually the books are handmade, but one year, Niall and I created a Shutterfly book about our family camping trip to Ft. Flagler and he couldn't wait to add it to the library. Cory just checked it out a few weeks ago. :-)

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