Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[day 33 ... february 2]

Seeing my cousin's scanned photos of her elementary school classes reminded me of this picture of me with a "select" group of 6th grade classmates. I can't remember exactly what we were chosen to do, but looks like it had something to do with medicine or science, based on the props we have in the photos.
Mostly I think this picture is entertaining because it's one of the few pictures of me with long hair. I've only grown out my hair once, and in this photo, you can see why! I usually wore it pulled back or braided because it's so thick and curly, and was so completely prone to massive snarls.

Janet (far left, standing) became one of my best friends in high school but we didn't get to know each other much in 6th grade. I moved to a school across town for the rest of middle school, and then attended the "other" high school in Bellingham. But we were in church together all through high school (youth group, choir, mission trips) and have kept in touch all these years later. She's now a Methodist minister and I realized over the years that I fall into the atheist category. But we're still good friends.

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