Sunday, February 8, 2009

[day 39 ... february 8]

Our refrigerator is so covered with photos, alphabet letters, magnets, lists, and whatnot, it's a challenge to find room for anything new - ever! The side is just as buried. I suppose someday we should clean it all off and start afresh, but here it is, immortalized in all its glory in its current state.

My sister and her family contributed to the clutter (in a good way :-) by sending the boys little funky magnets to decorate photos: hats, horns, mustaches, etc. plus bubble magnets and some short phrases. Cory and Niall think the magnets are just hysterical and love piling them onto people's photos or strategically placing just one or two incongruously somewhere (like the cowboy hat on Grandma Frances' head). Quite amusing, I have to say. And keeps them entertained on occasion, which is always a good thing.

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