Friday, November 19, 2010

mon, 11/ 319

Had my Fall observation in Niall's class this morning, and enjoyed watching a spirited discussion about upcoming oceanic changes and the silly bandz craze. Then Alice and I had a great conference, discussing all the ways Niall has grown and developed. Since she was his teacher last year too, she's seen him come a long ways. Also chatted about the rest of the family, including Tynor's world (she taught Tynor for two years too!)

As part of my observation, I got to watch Tom teaching ukelele to half of the class. Niall has been practicing at home, but not regularly. After watching the lesson, I had renewed inspiration to make sure he gets out the uke for even 5 minutes each night, to get his fingers used to those frets and strings. Makes such a difference!

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