Friday, November 19, 2010

wed, 11/ 321

Spent all afternoon today at a customer site visit at Lake Washington Technical College, learning about their current technology and processes, and sharing the Office 365 cloud story.

It was a fascinating visit. I find it so intriguing to learn about the intertwined, complicated factors that keep people doing what they're doing with technology instead of moving to (or toward) solutions that would provide better, faster, easier-to-maintain service to the people they serve. It's never simple out there in the real world with this stuff.

I was also amazed to see how BIG the LWTC campus is! I've driven by the entrance any number of times, but it's just a driveway and a sign. The campus and buildings are tucked away in a valley off the road, and it's an enormous place, as it turns out. Learn something new all the time.

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