Sunday, November 14, 2010

sun, 11/ 318

We finally went for a family swim today, after months of thinking "We should do that sometime." Ended up going to the Mountlake Terrace pool because I knew the water would be relatively warm (compared to Bellevue Aquatic - another good option).

We had a minor crisis at first, when Niall somehow left his goggles at home. Not. Good. But happily, Tynor had thrown some in his bag "just in case" so he retrieved those and all was copasetic once more. Whew.

I was surprised how much Cory remembered about swimming, having not been in a pool since his last swim lesson back in May. He loved it, too. I'll definitely have to get the two boys back into regular swimming (lessons or otherwise) when we get back from the holidays in January.

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