Saturday, October 24, 2009

[day 303... oct 30]

Today was finally the long-awaited, much-anticipated "Trick-or-Treat at Microsoft." Dressed-up kids careen up and down the halls at work, loading up their bags with treats placed just outside people's offices.

Sometimes Microsofties decorate their offices or dress up, so that's fun too. Here Niall and Cory are sparring with a "big" Darth Vader - actually one of the triad mucky-mucks taking his daughter around trick-or-treating. There was a contest to choose what our VP's costume would be and his direct reports, and the theme ended up being (coincidentally) Star Wars. So he was chosen to be Darth Vader. Not bad luck, considering two of his peers got to be Yoda and Princess Leia. :D

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