Saturday, October 24, 2009

[day 302... oct 29]

The wall of windows in our kitchen has been clearly patched together with bubble gum over the years (well - lots of heavily-applied caulk, anyway) and I finally had Garry (carpenter extraordinaire) and his windows/glass contact come out to take a look-see for repair or replacement options. Got several good plans worked out, and now we'll see what the numbers come back like.

My main goals - in addition to having a more robust, waterproof structure - are to get better glass installed so the kitchen doesn't turn into a furnace after lunchtime every sunny summer day and to have windows that open on each side so we can let the breeze blow through. It'd also be great to have a better surface along the sills so we can have plants and other items there and not ruin the ledge. Garry and his comrade had some great ideas and worked out all the details between them, so I hope it turns out to be affordable.

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