Thursday, October 22, 2009

[day 291... oct 18]

Garland and family hosted a welcoming party for little Bel today, so we got to see lots of family and, of course, visit the new little one.(Who conked out - or tried to - for nearly the whole event. A little overwhelming, I expect.) Cory and Niall each held her for a few minutes, but were much more interestd in playing with toys, listening to the harpist who came to play (Grandma Shannon bought a harp performance at an auction and thought this was a great opportunity to have her come play for all of us), or, in Niall's case, complain there was "nothing to do."

Cory loved the circle swing out in back. I wish there was somewhere we could hang ours up. The tree branches at our house are all so high up. Not very practical, unfortunately.

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