Saturday, October 24, 2009

[day 298... oct 25]

We bought our Halloween pumpkins at South 47 Farm today, which is just down in the valley from where we live on Hollywood Hill. It didn't rain on us, but the mud - especially on the farm roads - was inches deep. The boys wore their boots, but I didn't think to wear mine. That was a mistake! I did a lot of careful jumping to avoid the worst of the sludge.

Niall chose the biggest pumpkins he could possibly carry and just barely managed to load them into the wheelbarrow. He chose two: one for himself and one for Tynor (who stayed home). Cory and I each got one too.

It was so cold and Cory was so tired, hungry and crabby (multiple breakdowns - quite unlike him) that we didn't opt for the corn maze or tractor ride. Rather, I didn't. The kids begged to but I remembered the hours those excursions took last year.

Considering the chill and the grump factor, I was glad we were so close by when I decided it was time to head home for lunch. But before we left, we bought some gourds to go with our pumpkins, picked up a big bag of kettle corn (Cory took one nibble of and proclaimed "bad tasting" but Niall scarfed down as much as I'd let him have), and visited the animals: hens, ducks, goats, and two cute alpacas.

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