Thursday, October 22, 2009

[day 294... oct 21]

The kids in Jackie's class (another class around Cory's age - they do a lot of outside time and activities together) decided to try to make a string of Unifix cubes long enough to circle the whole Meadows Building. They've gotten just about halfway! There probably aren't enough Unifix cubes in the whole school to meet their goal, but they're giving it a go.

Every year or two, kids get excited about making really long Unifix strings like this, and you see them winding down from the Woods Building toward the turnaround or weaving in and out of different classrooms. They're so colorful and satisfying to connect together. And of course, teach the kids about counting, units, and other concrete measurement ideas. In projects like this, they also learn about sharing, agreeing on a group plan, working together to build on a plan, negotiating for more resources, resource limitations and how that can affect your plan, and more! Great stuff. :-)

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