Saturday, June 20, 2009

[day 165 ... june 14]

We had our family party today to celebrate Kellen's graduation, over at the community room at Lazy Wheels (Grandma Shannon's mobile home community). Grandma and Tynor decorated it very festively and I brought food trays and cake to share. Frank put together a slideshow of pictures from Kellen's life that was quite entertaining, including a section about Kellen doing Parkour "over the years" that showed him climbing and jumping when he was little as well as his more recent, fancier moves. Kellen showed us his official diploma, too. He looks pretty pleased, no?

It was great to spend more time with Josie. She and Kellen are both so reserved, it's a little hard to get to know them. I was really glad she came to the party. We were happy to see Aunt Pat & Uncle Dan, Aunt Lynda & Uncle Mike, Seth & Keturah, and Saul and kids too. Really nice gathering.

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