Saturday, June 20, 2009

[day 163 ... june 12]

Niall posed with his friend Drake after the last half-day of school at TLS. He and Drake have been in class together for years, but Drake is likely going to a public school in the Fall. Niall was understandably sad to hear that. :-(

On the last day of school every year, there's a photo of all the school faculty and staff taken by the climber or in another spot on campus. It's fun to see these photos, going back over the years. I've taken my own versions when I happen to see them doing the official one - as shown here. Melissa, Cory's teacher, is on the right (in blue and white), Niall's teacher is on the left, sitting on the climbing wall, and our own Candi is in the middle in aqua. Donna and Diana are in there somewhere too!

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