Saturday, June 20, 2009

[day 158 ... june 7]

Niall, Cory and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo today to check out the new penguin exihibit. It was fabulous! The penguins have a great pool and rocky area, and they're so energetic: diving and swimming and paddling about, and occasionally climbing out to waddle on the rocks. There's a big wave that bursts in periodically, that the penguins seem to really enjoy. At the same time, a small fountain that kids can get to and climb around erupts sporadically. Great fun! The boys also enjoyed the "bubble" observation spots where the penguins literally swim around you as the bubble windows push out into the water.

There's a lot more to the exhibit too, including desert plants, a big anchor, a boat to play it, penguin nests cut into rock walls that kids can climb into (they make baby penguin noises too) - lots of great fun, exploring the whole area.

Other spots we particularly enjoyed on this trip were the bird atrium, where cockatiels climb along your arm and over your head, and (with kids anyway) even peck at crumbs of food right off your face, if you let them! Niall thought it was hilarious, even when the bird pecked at his nose! Cory wanted a bird on his arm, but got a little freaked out as it climbed up toward his face. Fortunately they were quite amenable to going off to anothoer person (like Mom :-).

This kookaburra came right up to the glass to look the boys right in the face. So funny!

And finally, our very favorite spot at the zoo: the burrows in the habitats play area. Lots of running around as scary monsters (or prey) and saying "Boo!" Good times!

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