Saturday, June 20, 2009

[day 164 ... june 13]

Kellen graduated from PSCS today! What an amazing experience. After an early potluck dinner with friends, grandparents, family, all kinds of PSCS-connected people, we gathered in the Bathhouse theatre at Green Lake to hear the last batch of seniors present their credos and be honored with stories and sharing. Candi came to take Niall and Cory for a ride around the lake, so I was free to join in with the celebration without distraction. I was really happy that Grandma Shannon, Grandpa Stan & Grandma Marian were able to join us for the event too.

Kellen, Josie , and Andrew were the last three of seven seniors to graduate. I was glad we got to hear Josie's credo and sharing just before Kellen's. I learned more about her than I'd gleaned in a year of her dating my son! Kellen's credo was about Parkour (naturally :-) and his belief in simplicity. Then Nancy Palmer, librarian extraordinaire at Little School, introduced Kellen to the students gathered behind him and the staff, family and friends seated in the theatre. Next, we all shared stories and appreciations of Kellen for more than half an hour,
which was a wonderful window into the world of Kellen away from home. There were more than a few surprises, including hearing what a thoughtful mentor and teacher he has been to many, and how others thought he would make a wonderful father (but not anytime soon, of course :-).

After Andrew's credo, introduction, and sharing, we milled about outside for awhile, taking pictures and congratulating the new graduates. I'm so proud of Kellen for all he has done in his years at PSCS to get to this place. It's been a struggle and a process, and he has worked very hard to gain skills, complete his work, and grow as a leader in the community. Bravo, Kellen!

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