Saturday, June 20, 2009

[day 160 ... june 9]

Almost the end of the school year (last week!), and Joyce and I just finally managed to arrange a time for our parent-teacher conference for Niall. In the nick of time, but we did it. Niall took me on a tour of his classroom, including showing me how much money they'd collected for the program to prevent summer hunger. He was delighted that someone gave a $2 bill. He thinks those are so cool!

Joyce has a number line along the top of the walls around the classroom, marking how many days of school have passed and notable occasions on different days: kids' birthdays (with an actual Polaroid picture - I didn't know they still made film for those cameras!), tallies for food bank collections or bread tabs, special events, etc. Last year she had something on every single day but this year it looks like just the highlights are captured.

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