Friday, March 20, 2009

[day 79 ... march 20]

This was "catch up with friends!" day, as it turned out. Met Kim (college friend, one-time bridesmaid, and now Amazon retiree - lucky gal!) for coffee at Starbucks mid-morning. Well, neither of us drinks coffee - but a virtual coffee date, at any rate. (The hot chocolate at S-bucks is pretty decent - though it used to be better! Don't get me started...) We zoomed through a wide range of topics over the course of an hour or so. AIG bonuses and populist anger, YouTube videos of the macro/micro world (thought Niall would like those), work update, adventures in swing dancing, and much more. Great fun. Hope we'll do it more often than once every 9 months, which is our track record so far.

Kim also brought me her copies of the first four seasons of "The West Wing" - my new TV addiction (sorry, "House" :-). Hooray! I only have Season 2 and am just about finished, so it'll be great to start at the beginning and have so many episodes to watch. I'm sure someone out there has seasons 5 through 7, too. I've got time to track them down now.

Then later, Bruce, Mary and I actually enjoyed a "Fish Friday" lunch, after many moons of battling schedule wars. We used to head over to Building 25 for "Fish Friday" every week when we all worked in Building 16 together, before I moved from Office to Windows Mobile. Now I make over there when I can and enjoy catching up with all the news. We've all had some schedule upheaval/conflicts with the new year, so we don't often find a day when we can all meet - but today happened to be one of them.

And finally, a quick update on the chicks. They're getting huge! Still can't tell them apart, but honestly, we haven't spent a lot of time trying so far. :-)

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