Friday, March 20, 2009

[day 78 ... march 19]

Today is Tynor's 15th birthday. Happy birthday, Tynor! :-)

His birthday wish was to attend the PSCS school play, "Night and Her Stars," which is being presented today through Saturday at a theatre in the Seattle Center House. I really wanted to see the play too, so put together a plan to drop off the little guys at home with Grandma Shannon, drive downtown, meet up with Tynor, grab a quick dinner, and then see the play. It worked out great, though the logistics took lots of time. It didn't help that it was the Seattle Sounders first game, and there were two other events at Seattle Center as well (a Christian band and something at the Opera House).

But we made it to the play on time and enjoyed a great show. It's phenomenal what such a small group of kids can pull off - bravo! Kellen worked with Noni on the sound and lights, and they did a great job. :-)

The Space Needle was lit up fabulously as Kellen, Tynor and I headed back to the car after the show. I wish I'd had a tripod with me - it was such a cool sight.

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