Monday, March 16, 2009

[day 74 ... march 15]

Grandpa Stan and Grandma Marian came by today to bring the finished chicken tractor to us - yay! It's fabulous. Grandpa made it almost completely from materials he already had in his shop, including a roof made from their house siding (cutouts that made room for two windows). The only possible hitch is that it's on the small side, so we're not sure there will be room for four chickens. But we'll see how it goes. Might double the run area or something else to provide more space.

Two of the pooches came with them (Star and Cody), squeezing in around the tractor (which filled most of the van, even with the back seats removed). Niall loved throwing the ball for the dogs, and Cory liked watching though he's still nervous about dogs running around him so energetically and was something of a cling-bunny every time they came anywhere near. I told him that when he's bigger, he won't be so worried about getting bowled over but I can understand how it's a bit scary right now.

Dad also fit in some work around the house, including installing a couple of track lights in the kitchen (where the old lights were down to one working bulb), patching the gutter in front where a tree limb poked a hole through (oh, and cleaning out the whole front gutter while he was in that area :-), and replacing the burnt out bulb in the security light out front. So nice to have all those things taken care of. With his strong encouragement, I moved the chicks to a much larger box (taller sides) as they were getting very close to flying out of the Tupperware they've been living in. Hopefully the box will last them until they're ready to be outside - fingers crossed.

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