Thursday, March 12, 2009

[day 70 ... march 11]

These are the absolute favorites around here: the indubitable pumpkin muffins I've been making for time immemorial (decades, literally). Cory likes his without raisins (so far :-) so I make eight with, four without and it works out pretty well. Perfect for a breakfast-on-the-run for the older boys and a hearty school snack for the younger ones.

They're even reasonably healthy as well as hearty. The recipe is actually for pumpkin bread from "Cooking with Whole Grains" - a cookbook we had in my teen years. The only other cookbook I remember from those days (aside from "The Joy of Cooking," of course) is one with "Alaskan" in its name. Now I can't even remember the name of it! But it had two fabulous recipes: applesauce raisin cake with lemon frosting, which I always had for my birthday, and Top of the Stove cookies, which I still make today (but they're sinfully rich and caloric, so not very often).

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