Monday, March 9, 2009

[day 66 ... march 7]

Niall is quite into feeding and holding the chicks. I'm helping him learn that they are programmed to scatter and squawk if something big and dark (like his hand) comes down at them from the "sky." He just wants to interact with them, of course; they're new and exciting!

They peep a lot when they get excited but just off and on when they're milling around. They sleep a LOT. Worries me, of course. If they're up and milling around, I can see if they look ok, but if they're resting, it's hard to say.

They've already given me a scare: one of them really didn't seem to be doing well yesterday evening before I went to bed and I thought for sure we'd have a dead chick in the morning. But by morning, she had miraculously recovered. Still looked a bit off: kind of drooping and lying down more than the others, but definitely looking better.

By late evening, when Tynor and I were about to head up to bed, she just looked a bit lopsided but relatively perky. One of her wings is noticably longer than the other and down a bit. Maybe she'll be our eccentric. :-)

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