Monday, March 9, 2009

[day 68 ... march 9]

Another sudden blizzard of snow struck today while I was in a class at work. One minute big flakes were swirling down but not sticking, and the next time I checked - just a few minutes later - there was an inch or two on the ground and more coming down fast. I decided to head over to school and get the boys, remembering many past times when I've been stuck at work forever, just trying to get out of the parking garages.
But this time, by the time I picked up Niall and Cory, the snow had abated, and there was only slush on the roads. Still, Woodinville got 2-3 inches and the school buses were all stuck at the schools and there were accidents on the hill. Lucky for us that it came through so quickly and left again, or it would have been a much bigger mess.

Niall dashed out and made a snowman while we still had some snow on the ground. The snow was so wet, he was able to roll up some big snowballs pretty quickly, much to his satisfaction.

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