Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[day 69 ... march 10]

I picked up the boys after school again yesterday, after just a brief time in Extended Day (contrary to my original plans). No snow today - my class just got out earlier than expected. Cory and I found Niall in the library, researching recipes from countries around the world by using CultureGrams. Librarian Nancy was assisting him by printing recipes out so he could make a "cookbook" for me. Fun new things to try like Swedish Saffron Buns and something else that involved 30 clams of a special type. (Now I'll have to go look at the recipe and see what they were! :-)

While Niall finished up printing out "just one last recipe" (several times over), Cory amused himself climbing on the enormous polar bear in Nancy's read-to-classes area. We also read a book together: "The Barking Mouse." The author, Antonio Sacres, came to Little School today to read his book and tell stories about his life. The kids enjoyed it immensely. Cory was telling me some of the stories that Antonio shared - clearly they tickled Cory's funny bone (and stuck with him!)

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