Monday, March 9, 2009

[day 65 ... march 6]

Today was the big day! We picked up four little Rhode Island Red chicks from DeYoung's Farm and Garden in Woodinville. Cory, Niall and I drove there after school. It was so fun to see all the darling little chicks.

DeYoung's has 4-5 different kinds. The Reds are much darker brown than the others, with even darker stripes. After seeing the other kinds and hearing another family choose two of one kind, two of another, and one of a third (!), I was almost wishing I'd researched a little more and chosen a few different kinds - if only so we could tell them apart. They are virtually indistinguishable so far, so we haven't named them yet. But I'm sure as we get to know them, they'll look unique.

Niall already held one tonight, but Cory is still thinking about it. :-)

I sure hope we're doing this right! It's a little complicated with the lamp for just the right amount of heat, making sure they have food and enough grit, clean water and bedding. Lots of care for some very new little creatures. I found myself wishing they just had their mom to take care of them tonight. She'd do a fine job, I'm sure.

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