Saturday, February 28, 2009

[day 59 ... february 28]

Niall decided last night to keep himself busy (always appreciated :-) by making paper. He wadded up several post-it notes and submerged them in water, then tore them up once they were squishy and patted them together to make a new piece of paper. I weighed in to suggest that he let the new paper dry on the heater vent rather than on a wet washcloth on the table (I like my wood table as it is, not warped with water!).
This morning he was thrilled to find his new paper dry and looking like, well, paper. A little thick and a little concave - but definitely paper.

Now Niall is all enthused about having us separate our recycling into paper and non-paper so he can repurpose the paper into new paper. Hmm...not sure how this is going to scale. Maybe his enthusiasm will shift before I have to help figure it out. :-)

Cory immediately wanted to try his hand at it too, but Niall wasn't feeling in a teaching mood so perhaps another day.

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