Saturday, February 28, 2009

[day 55 ... february 24]

The older three boys have a set of framed photos of their first year that hang in the upstairs hallway, but my poor fourth child has had to wait until now (almost 5!) for his mom to get organized and gather, print, and frame his first year photos.

But at last his own framed set is now up on the wall, from a picture with Grandma (as in all the boys' sets) when he was just a few days old to a shot of him with his happy grin wearing his favorite orange sweatshirt, just beginning to get hair at a year old.

Here is the upstairs hallway with all the boys' baby picture sets, and a few other photo collages as well. I love having family photos around the house but most are from many years ago (picture Kellen and Tynor even younger than Niall and Cory are now!) I'm slowly getting some new ones up. For now, I'm happy to have Cory's baby years represented, at last. He is too. :-)

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