Saturday, February 28, 2009

[day 57 ... february 26]

Just in the past few months, Cory has started playing for long stretches by himself in his room: building with Legos or Duplos or Playmobile, creating extended imaginary stories and interplay between various heroes and villans. It's very cool.

It's so fascinating to me to see these kinds of leaps forward that kids take, to remember glimpses of them from my other boys when they were going through the same developmental stages. Bittersweet with my youngest, of course, since he'll be the last through each step. But that's also a good thing, as I appear to be getting too old and cranky to keep doing this with the levels of grace and humor that these busy young people need and deserve.

As Dory (in Finding Nemo) says, "Just keep swimming, keep swimming." And we do! But not with the kind of energy and reserves that were there once.

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