Sunday, March 1, 2009

[day 60 ... march 1]

Typical weather for late winter here: some clouds, some clearing, temps high-30's to low-50's, scattered rain, some showers. A few sunbreaks, if we're lucky. :-)

I thought I'd capture the newspaper's weather page before 1) they cut it from a half-page to even less (was a full page for years, until recent days) or 2) there is no more printed newspaper - a day which seems to be zooming closer by the minute. :-(

The boys have always started "reading" the paper around age 4 by checking out the weather page. It's easy to get useful information there, even if you're not quite reading yet. True to form, Cory always asks for it now. Next up is always the comics, where you can beg someone to read "just one more" aloud to you until you can sound out some of the words for early favorites like Garfield and Peanuts. Next seems to come sports, or that was the pattern with Kellen and Tynor. But they were big-time into baseball around ages 6-7-8 and couldn't wait to check out the Mariners' stats every day.

Niall isn't there yet (still enjoying the comics, but more into the puzzles than anything else right now), but perhaps he'll skip right to Personal Technology and general news - we'll see.

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