Saturday, February 28, 2009

[day 58 ... february 27]

Cory seems to have caught the musical bug and has been writing "songs" lately - first on paper, and here on the mini-Magna Doodle on the frig. So far they consist of neatly-formed scribble lines but who knows what music or lyrics they sprang from inside him.

Really, I wonder if there is some musical connection in his head as he writes, or if he's simply making the connection that people can create music from a written line just as they can create spoken words from written words. I expect the latter, but it makes you wonder just what is happening as the gears turn in those little heads with all that learning and figuring out going on in there.

He asked me the other day: "Did you know how to talk when you didn't know all the words yet?" I had just explained the meaning of a word to him that I'd said, and he seemed a bit puzzled that here he thought he could speak English but then why didn't he just know all the words at once? It exactly parallels his recent intense focus on sounding out words, learning letter sounds, and sight-reading short, familiar words. If he can read some of the words now, why don't the other groups of letters make sense yet? So close... And he'll get there soon. :-)

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