Monday, January 26, 2009

[day 26 ... january 26]

First it was "Friends." Now we've moved on to "House."

The latest TV show fad around here is Gregory House (aka Hugh Laurie) and his twisted yet compelling view on solving medical mysteries. It's not exactly lighthearted fare and the overarching storyline is remarkably similar from episode to episode.

But the patient's disease is always diagnosed and resolved in a way that you least expect, and the characters and relationships are engaging and absorbing. Besides, just when you think House can't sink any lower, he does something unbelievably harsh. Then he somehow redeems himself by just as abruptly doing something that shows he's actually human in there somewhere, or by revealing that he too is vulnerable and has his own pain and problems to cope with.

Tynor was the first big fan, but Kellen and I quickly joined in. The flinch factor has me covering my eyes sometimes: I'm a total wimp about watching needles and blood, nevermind scalpels and tubes. But I also totally hooked on this show, no doubt about it.

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