Friday, January 30, 2009

[day 27 ... january 27]

Cory's class has a new fun activity: Star of the Week. The idea is to give each child a chance to bask in a little bit of limelight, and for his or her classmates to learn more about him or her. So each Friday, Melissa chooses someone to be the "star" for the next week, and on Monday, the child brings in a few photos, a list of questions and answers (favorite food, what do you want to be when you growup, etc.), and a special sharing for the middle of the week.

Melissa creates a poster with the child's name in glitter glue, attaches the sheet of "all about you" in the middle, and then clips the photos all around. During one of their circle times, the kids listen to all the new fun information about their classmate and look at the pictures. And then at the end of the week, each classmate will make a page for a book to give to the "star."

The kids are delighted to be embarking on this new activity, and Cory was SO excited that he got to be the very first Star of the Week! We filled out the little questionnaire over the weekend and chose some photos for him to take with him, and he decided that he wanted to share his "Cory's Book" as his special sharing.

By Monday, he was starting to feel a bit shy about the whole thing, but Melissa played it very low key and he mostly enjoyed it. Some of his classmates decided to say "Star of the Week!" every time they saw him, which bugged him. But otherwise, he seems to be enjoying it. As long as no one calls *too* much attention to it.

It'll be interesting to see how he feels about the next "Star of the Week" when his turn is over. Maybe he'll miss having the extra attention? Or maybe he'll be glad to lavish attention on someone else. Maybe some of both.

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