Saturday, January 31, 2009

[day 31 ... january 31]

It was a sunny day, and this afternoon, I finally tackled cleaning up the window glass from the tree-branches-fell-on-car incident in December. Yes, a month later...but first it was all buried in snow and ice, and then we haven't been outside much since with the weather we've had, illnesses, etc.

When I initially discovered the broken car windows, my first thought was to get all the glass and snow out of the van right away, so the inside wouldn't be wrecked when the snow finally melted. I picked out as much of the car paraphernalia as I could first - books, papers, booster seat, water bottles. Then worked on scooping out snow and glass as best I could with a dustpan and rags. I dumped it all into a couple of big Rubbermaid tubs to contain it and left them on the front porch. Then I pushed off the foot of snow on top of the car, and covered the whole thing with a big blue tarp so melting snow wouldn't flood the car.

But of course, in the process of all that, a lot of glass ended up on the ground too, mixed in with fir needles, branches, leaves, mud - a truly delightful mess. You can understand why I've put off dealing with it all for so long. :-)

I'm sure there's still some glass left now, but the worst is taken care of and the rest will show up as the rains wash away some of the other debris.

We still have branches everywhere, but are slowly getting them gathered and piled next to the driveway. One of these days I'll hire someone to come and chip them all up.

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