Friday, February 5, 2010

thu, 2/ 35

This is me! Well...not really. :D It was doppleganger week on Facebook recently, and at first I didn't join in since I don't think I look like anyone famous.

Not now, anyway - but then I remembered that when I was a child, strangers used to stop my mom on the street and exclaim at how I looked "just like Shirley Temple." Since I had no idea who Shirley Temple was, I remember feeling quite annoyed when this happened. "I'm just me, I'm not any Shirley Temple," I would think to myself.

Of course, eventually I learned that people were paying me a compliment, but not until many years later when my blonde curls had darkened to dirty-dishwasher blonde (so my sister called it :D), then light brown, and finally dark brown. The curls go on though!

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