Tuesday, February 2, 2010

mon, 2/1...day 32

When we cleaned out Kellen's room after he moved to Seattle, we found several boxes of cards. All sorts: Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and more. I stashed them in the living room with other boxes of assorted stuff "for now" so Tynor could move into the room (so I could have Tynor's room for my craft room!).

Fast forward from then (September) until now (umm, February), and I still hadn't finished going through the Kellen stuff. Niall finally asked if we could sort cards for special play time tonight, since he's had his eye on those Pokemon cards pretty much all this time. Seemed like an inspired idea to me, so we dug in.

Of course, it took less than 20 minutes to go through most of the cards, with both of us sorting them. Niall is ecstatic to have all those new cards, and my living room is one step closer to being...less cluttered. :-)

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