Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tue, 2/2...day 33

My new slippers! Ahhhh... cushy new slippers from Sears. I absolutely need to wear slippers in the house or my feet get frostbite (practically) from the wood floors. The cushioning helps my poor feet in general, too, which are not happy to go barefoot on hard surfaces these days.

So, much happiness to have my comfy new indoor footwear, finally.

Cory has been home sick the first few days of the week. Just a cold, but not eating terribly well, runny nose - seemed better to keep him home. He's been in very good spirits, though, and has been playing and generally pretty happy.

Luckily (well, not for him, but for me) Tynor was also not feeling well yesterday and today, so I was able to leave Cory home some of the time and dash down to work for some meetings. Hectic couple of days, though.

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