Friday, March 5, 2010

thu, 3/ 63

Today was my spring observation day in Cory's class. I still find many aspects of the classroom frustrating: how academically-focused their classroom is, how they spend time lined up waiting for plan book writing to be "approved," how loooong their meetings are, and how little time (relatively) they have for free exploring and really digging into projects and play time.

But Cory is handling it pretty well, could be worse. Just four more months...

After I observed, Cory proudly gave me a tour of the classroom and pointed out interesting tidbits: the calendar he's in the process of making, the bread tab counts (they've gathered several thousand more this school year!), Chinese New Year posters, and the growth chart, where you can really see how much taller he's gotten this year.

Later when I came back from my conference with his teacher, the kids were outside having gardening-with-Lisa time. They were busy digging out weeds from the garden patch just outside their classroom, getting ready for spring planting.

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