Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sun, 2/ 59

For some reason, Cory wishes his hair would stay slicked down "just like in the bath" instead of showing his charming, whimsical curls. I do remember wishing I had straight hair when I was his age, so maybe it's just one of those "the grass is greener" things.

But for him, it's also because he so adores Star Wars and he thinks that with his hair flattened, he looks like Luke Skywalker. Which come to think of it, he does - in a Cory-like way. :-)

In the first photo here, he's just had a haircut and his hair is still damp so it's reasonably flat. Note the Great Clips star sticker he managed to include in the photo too. And then in the second one, it's just after his bath where we washed all those extra hairs out so again, wet hair.

But later in the day, I dug out some gel that Kellen or Tynor used a few times years ago, and we globbed some on and slicked his hair down. He loved it!

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