Wednesday, March 3, 2010

mon, 3/ 60

We haven't watched much of the Winter Olympics over the past two weeks while Vancouver has been hosting - partly because despite being just a few hours away, NBC broadcast nearly all of the footage time-delayed by many hours. But Niall and I enjoyed watching for awhile just before he heads off to bed and I caught some bits and pieces in the late evenings too.

We did manage to see some of the big highlights: Apolo Ohno, Shani Davis, and other short-track and long-track speed skaters; snowboarders doing their thing in the Half-Pipe (Shaun White - wow!); a new event called ski cross (crazy!); fAST luging, skeletoning and bobsledding; and bits of ski jumping, cross country skiing (1-2American nordic combined winners!), figure skating, and downhill skiing (Bode Miller!). And, of course, the epic finale, the U.S. vs. Canada hockey game, which I was actually not unhappy that Canada won. A fitting ending to a successful host of the 21st Winter Olympics for our neighbors to the North.

Our local paper had a section for the Olympics every day, and yesterday, for the last day, they compiled all the front page photos onto a single page. Makes for a nice summary of the Games.

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