Saturday, March 6, 2010

sat, 3/ 65

It was a beautiful day, definitely feels like Spring. The lawn needed mowing again - already!

As Tynor was running the lawn tractor around the front yard, Cory found lots of sunny yellow dandelions in the back to make a bouquet for me.

I can't help thinking how my days of receiving spontaneous flower bouquets from the backyard are dwindling quickly. Makes it a little bittersweet to receive the offerings now.

I worked hard inside today, despite the lure of the sunshine and warm weather. Cleaned out a whole lot of stuff and packed the van for a run to Goodwill.

It feels like such a small drop in the bucket. But since the bucket (our house!) is overflowing, picking away at it is essential or we're going to remain buried.

Progress is progress!

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