Sunday, August 16, 2009

[day 228 ... aug 16]

Our deck garden this year is so meager compared to last yaer. It's really striking. The squash and pumpkins are hardly growing and are dropping all their blossoms (fertilization issues...?), the tomato plant has 2-3 tomatoes on it (compared to dozens last year), the little sunflower plants have barely grown at all. The bush beans managed to produce a few beans for us, and the peas went to town all summer, oddly enough (especially with the intense heat we've had).

But I was really hoping to be overloaded with zucchini, considering we put in three plants! And nary a one. No pumpkins either, and I thought they'd be taking over the whole deck. Sigh.

I think the soil was depleted from last year; I should have replaced it completely. So next year I'l know better. Or maybe I'll even put in those raised beds I keep thinking about. :-)

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